Hybrid IT is set to become the standard for cloud deployments.
But even recently, many enterprises weren’t yet doing anything about orchestration.
It meant they couldn’t take full advantage of the benefits of hybrid IT and ran the risk of being left behind.
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We recently carried out research to see to what extent the picture had changed. Now, with the help of our online tool, you can use our results to compare your business and see whether you still need to take further steps.

See how your business compares

Below are just a few of the questions we asked in the survey. You can instantly compare your results to the survey results. Then why not download the full report and find out more about how your peers view Hybrid IT orchestration?

The pain points

We wanted to know the biggest orchestration issues that enterprises faced.

Tick the radio buttons to compare your view against the findings.

What, in your opinion, are the top barriers or challenges across the industry for IT Orchestration?

Not challenging Challenging Very challenging
Lack of visibility?
Integration of cloud services?
Choosing solutions?
Orchestration aggregates disparate services, and provides a single, seamless solution for managing multiple platforms, technologies, services and suppliers.

The benefits

No one solution fits all.

Select three benefits and see whether they’re the same as other enterprises want.

What do you see as the 3 main benefits of cloud orchestration like yours?

Without orchestration you would gain less agility and you would not be in a position to take advantage of market-leading innovation.
Orchestrating Hybrid IT white paper

Manual intervention

Even with cloud, many
enterprises still find they carry
out certain activities manually.
This can slow down their business and limit their potential.

Use the sliders to indicate
how much of each task is carried out manually.

To what extent are the following still being done manually by your business?

Configuration management
Change approval process
Financial management
The business value in Orchestration is not only in the individual technologies and services. It’s in how it all comes together to deliver a secure, seamless customer experience.

The preferred
way of working

Enterprises have different preferences when it comes to how Orchestration is delivered.

What works best for you?

How do you prefer to interact with cloud orchestration?